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Alberta Health Services au Canada Recrute Plusieurs Profils

svg%3E Alberta Health Services au Canada Recrute Plusieurs Profils

Alberta Health Services Recrute Plusieurs Profils

AHS is Canada’s first and largest province wide, fully-integrated health system, responsible for delivering health services to the over four million people living in Alberta.

Our skilled and dedicated professionals, support staff and physicians come from numerous disciplines, from all walks of life, and from all corners of the world.

Our mission is to provide a patient-focused, quality health system that is accessible and sustainable for all Albertans.

Our five values – compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and safety – are at the heart of everything that we do

Alberta Health Services is now notifying about 7,000 people that the security of their personal health information might have been breached.

The provincial health authority said in a news release Thursday that a Calgary doctor used their Gmail account to communicate medical information. That email account was later criminally hacked.

The breach was discovered in April, according to AHS vice-president Ted Braun, but patient notification was delayed due to the Calgary Police Service cybercrime unit’s ongoing investigation into the hack, as well as AHS’s own investigation into the incident. AHS also needed to identify the patients who may have been compromised and develop the “appropriate processes” for notification, said Braun.

The doctor’s email use violates AHS’s information security and privacy policies, which are meant to stop clinical business from being conducted through personal email accounts. AHS-secure email or encrypted email messages must be used to send personally identifiable health information, said the provincial health organization.

Alberta Health Services Recrute Plusieurs Profils

  1. Social Worker II
  2. HR Technician
  3. Family Counsellor
  4. Stores I
  5. Supervisor
  6. Mental Health Therapist
  7. Therapy Assistant
  8. Unit Clerk
  9. Food Service I
  10. Mental Health Therapist – Crisis Triage Intake
  11. Psychologist I
  12. Psychiatric Aide
  13. Administrative Support III
  14. Administrative Support IV
  15. Maintenance Worker II
  16. Indigenous Health Coordinator
  17. Client Care Assistant
  18. Workplace Coordinator
  19. Environmental I – Cleaner/Housekeeper
  20. Therapy Assistant – Plastics
  21. Physiological Laboratory Technician I
  22. Registered PCP – Paramedic
  23. Counsellor I – Tobacco Cessation, Health Link
  24. Environmental II
  25. Manager
  26. Officer
  27. Mental Health Therapist – Addiction and Mental Health Helpline
  28. Operating Room Technician – Adult Surgical Suite
  29. Administrative Support IV – Immunization Booking Office
  30. Senior Advisor
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