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Huawei recrute 4 Profils (Commerciaux – Trésorier – Marketing)

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. est une entreprise fondée en 1987, dont le siège social se trouve à Shenzhen en Chine et qui fournit des solutions dans le secteur des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC).

Le métier historique de Huawei est la fourniture de réseaux de télécommunication aux opérateurs : l’entreprise fournit des matériels, des logiciels et des prestations de services pour les réseaux de télécommunications des opérateurs et les réseaux informatiques des entreprises.

Aujourd’hui, Huawei est un fournisseur de solutions numériques en terminaux, réseaux et cloud, pour les opérateurs, entreprises et consommateurs. Ses produits et solutions sont déployés dans plus de 170 pays.

Position Responsibility

1. Skill to develop and manage customer relationship

2. ability to identify ICT opportunities.

3. Organize and lead sales project, reach the sales targets via local partner.  


Business skills requirements:

1. Understand industry cooperation ecosystem、policy and standard

2. Good relationship with (Morocco banking sector、Morocco Administrations / Top 20 public & private company、Morocco Public Safety sector)

3. Project planning ability, development ability, cultivation ability and supervision ability
4. Have more than 10 years of experience in Enterprise ICT business with (Morocco banking sector、Morocco Administrations / Top 20 public & private company、Morocco Public Safety sector)

5. Successfully sales project experience of ICT product in (Morocco banking sector、Morocco Administrations / Top 20 public & private company、Morocco Public Safety sector)

Expertise requirements:

1, Have the ability to understand and solution design capabilities
2, Customer communication and guidance capabilities
3, Sales project operating capability

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 Marketing Manager

Morocco/Casablanca – Marketing Northern Africa Enterprise Business Dept

Position responsibilities
1. Focus efforts on enhancing the brand awareness of Northern Africa region and seeking market opportunities by the execution of annual marketing plan.
2. Marketing Events planning, organization and execution, such as exhibition, conference and workshop, with good negotiation skills and project progress management capabilities;
3. Digital marketing planning and operation such as e-mail direct marketing, social media marketing, etc.
4. Marketing content development in accordance to Huawei corporate brand identity, includes the design (Generally guide the agencies), advertisement, Press Release.
5. Familiar with the ICT industry media or agency,do well in dealing the relationship with Media.
6. Help the sales team to do the Market insight in safe city, energy, education, financial industry.
Position Requirements
Business Skills Requirements:
1. Marketing Program/Campaign/Tactic Planning and Management
2. Communication with Partners, Analyst, Agencies and Customers with good analyzing and summarizing capability
3. Content Planning and Develop Management ( Press Release, Digital Content, Keynote Speech, Flash/Video/Demo Content Script design)
4. Project Management (including workshop, forum, summit, website, digital marketing, exhibition hall/truck, media/social media communication, advertising/video/graphic design projects)
5. Digital Channel Integration (Be able to analyze the results acquired through various marketing channels; and continuously monitor the digital data of marketing activities to guide other business)
6. Data Asset Management (Demonstrate proficiency in information flow management, such as data cleansing, organizing, and storing)
Professional Knowledge Requirement:
1. Marketing Theories
2. Knowledge of Brand planning/Program/Campaign/Events Marketing
3. Knowledge of Experiential Marketing
4. F2F Marketing Knowledge
5. Media and analyst communications Knowledge
6. Digital Marketing Knowledge
7. ICT Basic Knowledge
8. MTL Business Processes
Other Requirements:
1. Strong interests in the ICT industry with proper ICT background knowledge.
2. Good team spirit with good communications and interpersonal skills.
3. Able to work well under pressure and in a fast changing and multi-culture environment.
4. Ability of identifying problems and problem-solving.

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Morocco/Casablanca – Sales Northern Africa Carrier Business Dept

Position responsibilities
• Working experience: At least 3 years of experience in consulting of IT & public cloud provider (such as OVH/AWS/Alibaba…).
• Solution ability: Experience working with public cloud end to end solution, know detail of system architeture, business mode, managed service,business operation and maintenace, and project experience for delivery, migration, maketing and pricing model design.
• Marketing experience: Participate in carrier to 2B market business, know well about the 2B business of carrier include the organization, business process, service design, business sales and marketing, operation and maintenance, understand 2B customer cloud requirements for different industry.
• Project Experience: Successful public cloud projects selling practice, work experience base on leading projects for 2B business cloud of customer.
• Knowlegde backgroud:
-Familiar with ITIL and TOGAF framework, familiar with cloud computing solutions, cloud data center architecture, and architecture design cap
Position Requirements
Business Skills Requirements:
• Excellent communication in English as working language, preferred in fluent French communication.
• Excellent communication skills base on CXO talking, understand the requirement from customer.
• Convene and lead a multi-departmental team to develop an solution for customer requirements.
• Great cross-functional teamwork skills and comprehensive thinking.
Professional Knowledge Requirement:
Familiar with ITIL and TOGAF framework;
familiar with cloud computing solutions, cloud data center architecture, and architecture design capabilities.
Knowledge of cloud service scenarios, such as virtualization, storage, database, disaster recovery, and backup, understand the requirements of industry customers.

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Morocco/Casablanca – Finance Treasury Mgmt Dept

Position responsibilities
• Responsible for subsidiaries treasury management including internal operation risk and external compliance risk control.
• Liquidity planning, fund channel planning, design and implementation, liquidity arrangement and monitoring to achieve a safe and high efficiency liquidity management.
• Financial institution relationship maintenance includes commercial banks, insurance companies and the governmental authorities;
• FX risk management include exchange rate volatility and FX supply risk monitoring;
• Local treasury dealing, such as short term cash investment, financing activities, L/C, bank guarantees on business demand
• Foreign exchange compliance. Review external, intercompany trade, service, capital activities to ensure all transactions are operated in compliance manner
Position Requirements
Business Skills Requirements:
• Meticulous, pro-active, able to work independently and demonstrating strong analytical and communication skills
• Good interpersonal skills and able to multitask in a demanding and fast paced environment
• Accept frequent business trip
Professional Knowledge Requirement:
• Familiar with monetary financing and investment product.
• Familiar with local foreign exchange control regulations and able the analysis the FX risk based on macroeconomic environment;
• Basic Knowledge of Accounting and Tax

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