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NOVAERUM AUTOMOTIVE tanger recrute plusieurs profils

Novaerum Maroc is a spanish automotive company, with production plants in Valencia (Spain), Alcoy (Spain), Tanger (Morocco) and in León (Mexico), expert in engineering plastics, injection molding process, with highly dimensional and appearance requirements, as well as innovative techniques, such as two-component injection, co-injection and plastic painting.

Our foot print is planned to increase in the next 5 years with two new facilities: Czech Republic and China. In order to be closer of our customers.

Our advantages

All our areas are certified according to QMS (Quality Management System) ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO TS 16949: 2009 oriented towards the continuous improvement of processes, through the participation of all employees with the objective of improving the level Of customer satisfaction. In addition to having the homogolation to serve parts for the VW group as a Tier 1.


To contribute to the personal and professional growth of our whole crew of professionals, based in becoming a highly competitive and responsible partner for our clients, in products of highly added value that represent a challenge and motivation for all of us.


Novatec has a market vision based in full customer´s satisfaction, given as the fulfilling of all quality, price and service expectations, guided by this mean to the efficient use of engineering and the know-how in development and processes.


Novatec’s strategy to accomplish this targets is based on:

  • Market knowledge and client’s needs.
  • Quality systems based in cero flaws.
  • Highly qualified and formed personnel.
  • Use of high precision technology and equipment.
  • Team work with efficient systems.

La société NOVAERUM AUTOMOTIVE recherche pour son propre compte:

– Des inspecteurs qualité issus d’une formation technique bac+2/bac+3 et dotés d’une expérience de 6 mois à 1 an. (Réf. Inspec.Qlt 2021).

– Des techniciens d’injection/régleurs issus d’une formation en fabrication mécanique avec une expérience probante d’un an minimum dans le même poste et en secteur automobile. (Réf. T.Inj 2021)

– Des Techniciens Maintenance: issus d’une formation technique en électromécanique des systèmes automatisés, avec une expérience probante d’au moins un an dans un poste similaire en secteur automobile, et plus précisément en injection plastique (Réf. T.Maint2021).

-Des stagiaires au sein du département injection issus d’une formation en fabrication mécanique (Réf. STG.Inj 2021).

– Des stagiaires au sein du département maintenance issus d’une formation technique en électromécanique des systèmes automatisés (Réf. STG.Maint 2021)..

Localisation: Tanger (Zone Tanger Automotive City)

Si vous êtes intéressés, merci de nous faire parvenir vos candidatures via l’adresse email

[email protected] 
tout en mentionnant en objet la référence du poste/stage.

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