Varroc Lightning Systems recrute 25 Profils (Tanger)

1. He supervises the production process.

2. He makes sure that the products are manufactured in time and quality.

3. He coordinates, manages and monitors the organization’s subordinate departments.

4. He ensures that planned KPIs for efficiency and performance are met or exceeded.

5. He ensures complete compliance with QMS, GMP and 5S processes

6. He manages and controls production costs, controls and reduces losses on various production materials, non-production items, labor consumption, and is responsible for direct manufacturing costs.

7. He ensures that production is cost-effective.

8. He revise the financial statements and key financial indicators of production. He works with financial data and uses them to improve the profitability of the plant.

9. He coordinates preparation and supervises compliance with production BUDGET and BUDGET subordinate departments

10.  He monitors the state of the WIP plant.

11.  He prepares an effective strategy for the financial benefit of the plant.

12.  He prepares and tracks improvements in reducing planned overtime work.

13.  He improves the organization’s procedures and policy to support organization goals.

14.  He performs and manages continuous improvement of activities, through processes of change management and best practices.

15.   He forms and implements departments and organization policies and procedures to maximize performance.

16.   He monitors compliance with rules, regulations, legislations and procedures.

17.   He optimizes resource use by implementing an efficient production organization.

18.   He ensures that health and safety policies are followed.

19.   He plans human resources. He is involved in the organization of recruitment and the placement of necessary staff. He prepare work plans.

20.  He creates organizational structures. He delegates tasks and responsibilities. He monitors and evaluates employee performance.

21.  He monitors the competence of the subordinates and provides leadership and development as needed to achieve goals. He solves personnel problems based on data analysis (detail review, solution search, recommendation for action). He coordinates and controls the work of various departments involved in the production, storage, valuation and distribution of products.

22.   He monitors performance and implemented improvements. He covers coordination and communication between support departments.

23.  He ensures product quality.

24.  He provides technical support when needed.

25.  He cooperates with top management.

26.  He participates in the development of strategic plans for operational activities.

27.   He introduces and manages operational plans.

28.   He performs other activities according to the instructions of the superior, which do not contradict the positions.


1. Min. 5 years of professional experience as a Production Manager

2. Education requirements – Bachelor/Master degree in Machinery, Technology 

3. MS Office, Windows – excellent

4. English – fluent

Please note that candidatures that don’t match with  the requirements  will not be considered.